Selected Works 2011-2018


A lightweight Twitter OAuth framework for iOS. Built for those who don't need larger, more complex offerings like Fabric.


Lightweight Swift wrapper for URLSession.

Migrating to Swift from Flash & ActionScript

Technical Reviewer for the book.

The Art and Science of JavaScript

Expert Reviewer for the book.


An avatar dress-up interface built in WebGL + JavaScript + CSS 3D

WebGL 3D Chat

The precursor to IMVU's Web-based chat client. WebGL + JavaScript

Avatar AR App

Barely got away with calling this "Augmented Reality" back in 2011... This was a new feature add-on to an avatar dress-up app built in Unity3D.

Abridged CV
Mid 2019 -
Working on a myriad of personal projects
2017 - Mid 2019
Engineering Manager, WithMe Entertainment, LLC.
Developed skunkworks Augmented Reality entertainment projects for IMVU, Inc.
2016 - 2017
Engineering Lead, WithMe Entertainment, LLC (IMVU, Inc.’s Advanced Technology Group)
2015 - 2016
Engineering Lead, iOS Bootstrapper, Mix Tech, Inc.
2007 - 2015
Lead / Staff Engineer, IMVU, Inc.
2006 - 2007
Senior Software Engineer, Yahoo!, Inc.
1999 - 2006
Engineering Manager / Staff Engineer, AvantGo, Inc. (IPO NASDAQ: AVGO in 2000; Acquired by Sybase in 2002)
1998 - 1999
Web Developer, Support Sites, Vitria Technology (IPO NASDAQ: VITR in 1999)
1997 - 1998
Internet Development Manager, Sony Computer Entertainment (Psygnosis Games)


Ph.D. Dropout, Physics, Arizona State University
B.S., Physics, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

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